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About Us


Since its inception in 2019, Innovate Confectionery has become the leading manufacturer of mouth sprays. During the early times, mouth sprays were considered to be Luxury products. Even today, all the known competitor's brand’s MRP is ranging around Rs 100/-.Hence, taking it as a blue ocean market, we have identified a big gap in the market for pocket-friendly mouth sprays which will always give a big smile to consumers through our wonderful taste and price.

Considering new hygiene standards acquired by the consumer especially during this pandemic, our products provide better oral hygiene and give our consumer the maximum confidence to face the world. Looking forward to the lucrative FMCG market, Our team was sent to one of the leading Food-science universities in the United Kingdom to learn the latest Food and Confectionery technology.

With state of the art knowledge and local market experience, our team has developed India’s most affordable Mouth spray under the Brand Name- Delica: Confidence in a Bottle.

Qelica Mouth Freshner Spray
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