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Our Story Can be Your Story

Maddy is fond of Hazel. And this fondness has turned into love from the Valentine week. Her warm behaviour and affection makes Maddy all crazy. They spent quality time, do their assignments together. They share a great bond and along with their favourite mouth spray “Delica” they are spreading love and freshness in the air.

The Story of Delica

Maddy is a young teen that went to the United Kingdom to study about perfumes and food flavours. Everything magically changed in his life when one day he met with a teenage girl, named Hazel. Both slowly became good friends and became fond of each other. The most amazing thing about Hazel was that her breath was always fresh and lovely despite eating too much of all junks. One day unable to suppress his curiosity Maddy asked her about it. She replied that it’s a special homemade mouthwash which her grandma Delika, makes at her own residence. Now, Maddy became more curious about Hazel’s grandma and asked her to take him to her.


So, finally they visited Delika, Hazel’s grandmother. She was a very generous woman with unbelievable skills. Through conversation Maddy came to know that, Hazel’s family had a core connection with the roots of Indian origin. And, this mouthwash had it’s original roots embedded in the natural herbs of Kerala. It was from pre-independence times when there was a toothpaste shortage. This magical mouthwash was handmade by the skillful workers for the complete oral care. Thus, Delika learned it from them and brought it to England for her personal use. Thus, to quench his thirst about this natural refresher Maddy started visiting more at Hazel’s house, especially to meet his mentor Hazel’s Grandmother Delika. After completing studies, the day finally came when, Maddy and Hazel, both parted ways for their irrespective careers and bade farewell.


After fifteen years, Maddy who is now a businessman in Delhi, thought of visiting UK again and so he did. And off course, he paid a visit to Hazel, who is now a working woman with two cute kids. They met and re-cherished their old days. But, from Hazel, Maddy came to know about the sad demise of Delika, his inspiration. He immediately decided to pay last homage to Delika. He felt sad about the bitter fact that with the death of Delika her exclusive product didn’t got the recognition it would have deserved. So, he made up his mind that he will definitely do something for the recognition of this inspirational product.

Back in India, Maddy found out many hurdles about mouthwash like packaging especially, in flights mouthwash wasn’t allowed as a hand baggage. So, Maddy got himself engaged to improvise this product by using all natural, homemade kitchen ingredients and focused more in its portable and economical packaging.


His extreme hard work and experimentation led to the birth of the state of the art product, mouth Freshener ‘Delica mouth spray”. He dedicated his brainchild to the name of his inspiration. Since, then, Maddy (Madhusudan Nanda, Our Founder) along with Jyotsna Verma, the pillars of ‘Delica mouth spray” company, are all engaged in making it the best oral care product available in the market. Both, along with a team of professional people had made, Delica, the best ever oral product in India. And today, Delica is recognised as one of the most searched “health and fitness” product by Times of India.

After the Success of Brand Delica, Innovate Confectionery has launched many new products under the aegis of New Brand " Qelica" and is now among the Best Sellers on all the famous online platforms.

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