Happy Independence Day with Qelica Mouth freshener.

Independence Day with Maddy and Hazel।

India will be celebrating its 75th Independence Day this year ,and our handsome hero Maddy is also very very excited about the same.Some days aback Hazel celebrated Friendship Day with him,but,will she accompany him in his celebration of Indian Independence Day? A lot of questions are arriving and going back in his mind while he was sitting with his Qelica spray on one hand and a book on the other in his room. Suddenly,he got a message from an unknown number on his mobile! It said ," Happy Independence Day my dear son of India!"

Maddy was amazed.

Who will address him as Son?"

While he was all confused about the message,he received a call from Hazel ( Hazel number on screen of mobile)

Hazel -"Hello honey,What's up ?" 

Maddy -"Nothing just thinking about you!"

Hazel -"Ok great! Can you do me a favor?"

Maddy -" No formalities please just ask what you need ?"

Hazel -" As I was absent for some days due to fever I haven't got any notes,so,if you please come down in the evening to my place then I can take your help, please."

Maddy -"Off course darling ,I will be on time ".

So,in the evening Maddy drove to Hazel's home .

When he reached her home he found all the windows closed and the door was left open!

He silently entered and it was dark everywhere!

" What happened to Hazel? Is she all right?"( Maddy thought himself)

And at that very moment all the lights were lit up again and Maddy saw a big cake designed like the tiranga of India and flags of our country on both sides! Together Hazel and Her sweet Grandmother Delica cheered together.

"Happy Independence Day Maddy,Happy Independence Day my dear "

Maddy was overwhelmed!

Grandma said -"My child it was me who wrote you that text! If you can celebrate our each festival together with us without any hesitation then why can't we do the same? This is what ', Equality, Secularism and Universal Unity defines,isn't it my child?"

Maddy -" I am speechless Granny! Thank you very very much ",and he stooped down to touch her feet which is our culture to give respect to elders.

Hazel -" So, did you like our arrangement?"

Maddy -"It's excellent Haze".

Hazel -"Then let's celebrate!"

All three of them holder the knife and cut the cake by shouting


Wishing all of the Indians throughout the globe from the Qelica family a very happy and prosperous"Independence Day ",'.  VANDE MATARAM".

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