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Maddy and Hazel Friendship Day celebration।

Friendship Day with Maddy and Hazel.

It was a bright Saturday morning and as usual Maddy was getting ready for his college.He sprayed his Qelica spray and was just about to leave when suddenly his mobile rings .He picks up the call,it was Hazel.

Maddy -"Hii Haze ! What's up? Hope everything is fine?"

Hazel -" Yeah . Actually I called you to ask something honey ."

Maddy -" Yeah sure..Go ahead "

Hazel -" Maddy just tell me in one word ..Am I your best friend?"

Maddy - " Oh sweet girl !! You are my One of the best friends in my life."

Hazel -" Only One of them ? Not the One and only?"

Maddy -" Yes .Why? What happened?'"

The line disconnects .Maddy calls Hazel afterwards but she doesn't receive.

Maddy was quite shocked due to such behaviour.He went to college,but, couldn't find Hazel,so he decided to go to her home.

In the evening,Hazel ,who was enough sad and her face looked down, heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and found a little basket lying outside!

Amazed Hazel picks it up,and enters inside.

When she opens the basket she finds a cute, little puppy inside and a beautiful pair of Qelica mouth freshener.She also found a little pink note .She opened it,and it was written by Maddy.It wrote.

"Happy Friendship day to my best friend forever love 💕."

Hazel chuckles and smiles.And to her surprise she finds Maddy in front of her! She hugs Maddy and Maddy hugs her too .

They both ties Friendship bands on their wrists and with Qelica sprays and that cute puppy in between clicks their Friendship day selfie .

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