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Paan and oral Care

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Qelica Paan Oral Care

Remember, Shehanshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachhan matching his lips with the evergreen song, “Khaike paan benaraswalaa.. Khulijaye bandh akalkaataalaa.. “. Not very sure about how it can unlock our brains, but, if it comes about health benefits, then, surely, it’s a miraculous sure shot!

From the ancient times, India, has been the home to many natural resources. Be it minerals, or spices, it has always been a treasure chest with loads of hidden treasures and gems of Mother Nature, in various forms. One such gem is Ayurveda. This branch of Indian Science deals with all the goodness of Indian Natural Resources especially, herbal materials. It blends all the goodness of all our herbs, shrubs, trees, plants, flowers, etc and makes numerous medicines to heal several complicated diseases from ages. Renowned and recognised all over the world, it not only have remedies for health issues but also have great remedies for beauty, too. From your hair to toe, it offers an array of splendid remedies, and oral care is an important part of Indian Ayurveda. And in oral care , Paan or Betel leaves is regarded as an unbeatable remedy.

Paan, one of the most common plants in India, is renowned from ages for its remarkable health benefits. It’s anti -diabetic, anti -cancer, anti -cholesterol benefits are well applauded all over India. It plays a crucial role in improvising oral health. It’s natural freshening power kills bad breath causing bacteria and keeps your breath all fresh. It is also anti depressing hence, people suffering from the same can try it to get some relaxing moments.. Now, these are the reasons why our veteran grandparents are always cool and peaceful as they chew their green secret..

Then why not our young generations opt for the same? Here’s a new new age invention for all those cool young people out there to enrich themselves with the goodness of Paan! Here comes, Delica Pan Chuski mouth freshner sprays.. Blended with all the natural oral care ingredients combined with modern science, this is an ideal product for this generation gals and guys. Use it after your food or any time to feel the difference. It gives you not only fresh feeling but also increase your confidence to face the world.

So, don’t be late.. Grab your Paan Chuski now.

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