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Smile every day.. It makes your way.

What about a little cute baby smiling and giggling with his or her toothless mouth! What about when you win a race and your parents give you a tight hug? And what about when your love of life shows off those sparkling pearls when you give him or her a perfect love gift!! Yes. Only a smile says it all.. Smile is one of the most precious gifts of God which enhances all of your worldly spirits and keeps you hip and happening..

To be honest, Smiling with your heart within keeps you healthy and wise. It reduces your stress level at the maximum rate. It helps your heart work well. It even makes you look younger without any artificial face lift..!! Doctors, therapists throughout the world, believe wholeheartedly that only a bright, genuine smile or laughter can even reduce ageing disorders of heart, blood pressure, stress, etc.

Do you know people even celebrate World Smile Day? This wonderful festival is celebrated on October 's first Friday. This festival was created by Harvey Ball, the creator behind the world famous Smiley Emoji. He believed that one smile can make the world smile too. And honestly, when you smile, you will observe that the people around you also give back that same. Just like when a little baby gurgles, the whole family laughs aloud. Same way, when your parents or loved ones smile due to you, you too give them a smile back! Smile is Contagious! So, if not for yourself, smile for others.

Take a week test on smiling. Start your day with a bright smile and see the magic.. And to start your first, fresh smile with unique appeal, grab your pack of Delica mouth freshner. Its natural blend and fabulous flavours will add a more colourful tint to your morning Power pack Smile..

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