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Strawberry -Whitening and Glistening.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

'Berry Berry On the tree, Red red Cherry shining thee, Sometimes Mulberry or BlackBerry, But queen of all of them remains Strawberry. '''. Who would not agree with the last lines here! Strawberries are honestly considered as the queen of the Berry family. It's colour, it's taste and it's flavour, all are mesmerizingly beautiful. A pinch of sourness added into a heap of sweetness, gives this cute fruit a different yet unforgettable taste.

Strawberry could be considered as a multifunctional culinary genius. Whether you make shakes, you make salads, pies, puddings, tarts, ice cream or even in jellies or jams, they simply taste yummy and yummy. Although, originally strawberries belong to North America, but, here, in India, too it's cultivation had been started in the early eighteenth century, dated between 1836-49. In India, Mahabaleshwar produces the maximum amount of strawberries, nearly, 85℅ of the total production of India.

Strawberries are high fibre food, full of antioxidants, no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol, healthy sugar and low calorie food, which undoubtedly makes it a healthy choice in your diet. And it is also a very effective product for your Oral health, too as it contains mallic acid which whitens and glistens your Enamel naturally. It keeps your breath fresh and fruity too for that extra sweet smile.

So, ladies and guys whoever are fan of these cute fruit and are also concerned about your oral care then do grab a pack of your favourite Delica Strawberry Mouth Freshner now. Grab your pack now and feel the difference.

Also available of Flipkart and Amazon.

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