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Qelica Ayurvedic Mouth Spray 40 gram ( 10gm x 4 ) for Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath

Protect your mouth from germs and get fresh breath with qelica ayurvedic Mouth spray for bad breath. It kills 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis for a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. Those who want to easily remove bad breath in situations where brushing is difficult. Those who do not like the bitterness and residue in the mouth caused by smoking and coffee. Those who are stressed by bad breath in the mask. Those who want to feel refreshed from time to time. Those who need to get rid of drowsiness while working, driving, or studying.

Qelica Ayurvedic Mouth Spray 40 gram ( 10gm x 4 ) for Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath

₹500.00 Regular Price
₹325.00Sale Price
    • Qelica Ayurvedic Strawberry crush mouth freshener… Gives you sweet and icey freshness throughout the day.. In an Ayurvedic way. silver coat, enriched with the scintillating luxury of Kesar, Saunf and Mint. Sqeeze, Spray.. Smell the difference!, Polar Mint Ayurvedic spray.. Keep all the badness at the bay, Paan Kesari best ever Ayurvedic protection forever.
    • Fresh Breath :- Qelica Ayurvedic mouth spray is infused with clove oil which is known to fight germs, also Elachi oil which is known for fresh and clean long lasting freshness, with every spray in your mouth. This mouth spray gives you control on bad breath and protection against all kinds of bad bacteria.
    • Oral Hygiene :- Provides oral hygiene all day, it helps you maintain your oral health and hygiene when there is very little scope to run to a washroom with a mouthwash or pop in a mint gum or candy. Spray are easily disintegrable and avoids trouble of swallowing or chewing.
    • Pocket Size :- Qelica auyrvedic Mouth Spray can fit into your pocket and is easy to use mouth spray for men and women. Simply spray it directly into your open mouth for remove bad breath and oral care.
    • Uses :- Perfect for Smokers and Snoggers. This ayurvedic breath spray for a long-lasting freshness to your breath. Natural contains no sugar and calories.

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