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Queen for a Queen

Queen of spices, ' Cardamom '.

Spices, spices and spices!! The name recalls us the fantastic world of Aroma and it's importance in the vast ocean of Culinary cuisines. They add colour, flavour and life, to any recipes. Whatever the dish might be, but, they simply make a simpleton dal or curry or even salad into a yummy , tasty and unforgettable experience of culinary delicacies.

In Ayurveda, usage and benefits of all these miniature miracles are mentioned in brilliant lines, and, not only this, they are used worldwide as home made remedies.

One such magical spice is 'Cardamom ', or, 'Elaichi '. It is often regarded as, 'Queen of spices '. Known for its extraordinary power to cure cough and cold. It's anti inflammatory and immune boosting power has curative measures to fight cancer too. And when it comes about oral health, then, from strengthening gums and fighting bad breathe is Elaichi 's excellency. One of the best Indian kitchen spices is really a wonderful natural ingredient that has more than ten health benefits.

And for all those young bubbling generation x buddies, if you also want to boost up your oral health then use Qelica 's all new 'Silver Elaichi '. With all the natural goodness of cardamom it will not only enhance your gum strength and will also give you a fantastic freshness all the time.

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Mar 11, 2022

I highly recommend this mouth spray.

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